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Be Kind Kids -B/W

Be Kind Kids -B/W
Be Kind Kids -B/W

Learning to be a good example to others. Teach the importance of kindness with this fun and easy gospel game for anytime, as an LDS Primary Lesson Activity, or for Family Home Evening.

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This book has been designed for families, church workers and leaders in teaching and presenting the I'll Follow Him In Faith Primary theme for the 2007 Primary year. This book is a SUPER supplement for family home evening ideas for families with young children.

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Gratitude Dude

Learning to show gratitude is an attribute of a humble person. Teach the importance of having gratitude

Jesus Loves Children

Teach that Jesus Christ loves and blesses children all over the world.

Peacemakers are Powerful

Use this puzzle presentation to teach about being a peacemaker.

Peacemaker Pizza

Teach and encourage your children to be a peacemaker at school and at home.

Catch Kindness

This game is perfect for the Primary classroom or for Family Home Evening when teaching the importance of being kind to all of God's creatures. Players try to be the first team or individual to spell "Kindness" in their baseball mitt. Children choose balls and read them and do what the ball tells them to do. If they choose a letter, they place it on their mitt. First player to find all their letters is the winner.

Kindness Counts

This is a fun pencil game. Each player receives a sheet of paper and a pencil. Letters are chosen from a paper sack and everyone writes a word that describes a way we can be kind to each other that begins with that letter. The person with the most unique answers is the winner.

The Kindness King

Travel along this fun game board and learn how to be kinder to all people and creatures. Children of all ages will enjoy playing this game. It is a perfect activity for the Primary classroom or Family Home Evening.

Kindness Counts - File Folder Game

Count the dots on each heart and place on the correct number on the file folder. Teach your child not only how to count€but to always count to ten before saying words of anger to others! Kindness really counts!

The Kind Zoo Crew

This fun Nursery age game teaches how to be kind or unkind to animals. Children will try harder to be kind to animals after participating in this board game. It is a perfect activity for Nursery, Sunbeams, Primary classroom use or Family Home Evening.

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