Heavenly Handouts New Testament Lessons 10-12 Heavenly Handouts New Testament Lessons 10-12 Default Manufacturer Group of 3 Primary Lesson Handouts for teaching the New Testament from the Finch Family Games Book: Heavenly Handouts for the New Testament handouts_nt4 handouts_nt4 1.00 Finch Family Games
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Heavenly Handouts New Testament Lessons 10-12

Heavenly Handouts New Testament Lessons 10-12
Heavenly Handouts New Testament Lessons 10-12

Heavenly Handouts for the New Testament Lessons 10-12 has 3 printable LDS Primary Lesson Handouts.

  • Lesson 10: "Secret Service" Chart
  • Lesson 11: "My Prayer Picture"
  • Lesson 12: "Build on a Rock!" Word Search

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A creative idea book for family home evening, LDS Primary sharing times or classroom use. Full of Family Home Evening games, activities, and ideas for young children all centered around the great events and characters in the New Testament!

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A super activity book full of creative and informative handouts that have been carefully developed to enhance the Primary Manual #7 (New Testament Lessons 1-46).

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The Power of Prayer

Create a presentation around the theme "I can pray to Heavenly Father, and He will hear and answer my prayers." The object is to be the team to gather the most points after answering the questions correctly.

Proper Prayer

This primary lesson help is visuals created to help you teach the topic "I can pray to Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ, using proper language." Create your own presentation and use these visuals in any manner that best helps you teach this concept.

Searching For Service

Use this game to compliment any lesson on the Service.

Simple Service

Teach and encourage your children to serve others.

The House Built On The Rock

This is a fun activity where the teams try to build their house upon the rock....BEFORE they build their house upon the sand. Each picture is divided into strips to create the picture. The class answers questions that earn them a pick from the paper sack and then they place it on the correct picture.

Prayer Charts

This is a fun handout or craft activity for Primary classroom use or for Family Home Evening. The simple boy or girl praying can be personalize by placing the name of the child at the bottom of the chart. Each time a personal prayer is done, they fill in a star. A fun family activity can be done when everyone has completed their prayer charts.

Service with a Smile

This is a great Young Women activity or for Family Home Evening. divide the group into small groups and have them go to a pre-determined area of your neighborhood to do service to members and non-members. As service is done, the person fills in a circle with what the service was and signs it. The first team to return with a complete service with a smile chart is the winner!

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