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  1. Where are my downloads?
  2. No International Shipping?
  3. Helpful Hints For Using Books
  4. Is my I Know My Savior Lives CD expired?
  5. How do I install the Fonts of the CD I purchased?

Where are my downloads?

Our newly updated system allows you to receive your downloads immediately after purchase, the download links will be available in your confirmation page under the Downloads header. If you missed it, or want to re-download your file, you can always look up your order in our Order Lookup page and you will have access to your downloads there (There is a limit of 5 instances to download each purchase). We hope this will be a much faster and more convenient way for you to receive your downloads.

PLEASE NOTE: You will no longer receive download links via email, all downloads will be accessed from our website. 

No International Shipping?

Due to rising costs and hassle we have to suspend international shipping for all of our books. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are a very small company and it has simply become too much for us to handle.   

Please Know that we are hard at work in making sure all or our games are available as digital downloads, we are also working on making our book compilations available as digital downloads as well. We recommend that all of our international customers use our fast and easy digital downloads for their primary needs!

Helpful Hints For Using Books

The following basic materials and construction information will be useful In completing the games and activities in the activity books.

  1. Copy or mount each page onto a heavier cardstock or poster type material. This will increase the life of your visuals.
  2. Color using watercolor markers and pastel chalks. The markers give bright, vivid color and the pastels give the softer values you may need with some pictures. Do not use crayons. Sometimes they will melt when laminating and will spread beyond the coloring lines. (We are making all new games and some old games available to download in a colored version ready to print from your computer.)
  3. Laminate all cards, games and folders. This will prevent anything from smearing or ruining your visual. This will also make your game more durable.
  4. A fun product called "sticky-back" Velcro can be used on any laminated surface to hold pieces on. This makes the individual games and activities easy to manipulate and play. "Sticky-back" Velcro can be purchased at any fabric or craft store.


  • Keep books intact and use 'copies' in creating your designs and handouts
  • Use "white out" to remove any unwanted parts of the design or page
  • Use glue stick to mount your designs
  • Use a fine-tip marker to finish lines or connect designs (to give your page a completed look)
  • Good copies are essential in creating a good project. Make sure your copies have a good, rich black print.

Q: I purchased a "I KNOW MY SAVIOR LIVES" Book + CD when I try to install it I recieve an error message "Unregestered Version! Trial period expired1" Is my CD defective?

A: Unfortunately we did not catch this problem before we published and distributed many of these CD's, however, your CD does work and you can use it by following the directions below:

  1. Place CD into drive. A menu will pop up. Please hit EXIT
  2. Go to your My Computer Icon on your desktop. Right click on your CD drive and hit "Explore"
  3. If you want to use the CD, double click on the star icon named FinchGame.exe.
  4. If you want to install the CD to your computer, double click on the computer/disc icon named Follow_Me.exe. Follow the instructions for installation.

Q: I purchased a Finch Family Games CD. I am able to access the clip art but I am having trouble with the fonts.

A: Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that the font installation box was checked at time of install. Re-installation may be necessary.
  2. Restart computer.
  3. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts. Scroll through to make sure that the name of the Font has been added. If it is not there, the font has not been added.
  4. If not, do the following a) insert the disc. click start/run and type in letter of disc drive (d:).

    b) go to font file, highlight the font, right click, click copy.

    c) repeat step 3. to get into the font file. then right click and paste the copied font files into the directory.

  5. Open your word processor (Word or whatever), click on the text type, scroll down and find the name of the new font added.

Hopefully these will answer most of your questions. If you are still having problems or if you have other questions please email support@ffgstore.com or contact us through the Contact Us link.

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